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2018-07-27 11:24

防止给患者应用问题疫苗,During an unannounced inspection at the manufacturing site of Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd. a vaccine manufacturer in China’s northeastern Jilin province the NDA discovered problems of data integrity in the production of the batches of rabies vaccine Authorities have withheld all vaccines involved to prevent their reaching patients and suspended production at the company WHO awaits the results of further investigations and stands ready to provide support to national health authorities“Regulatory oversight of vaccines is critically important It is the government's primary method of ensuring that the vaccines produced and used in China are safe of good quality and effective” said Gauden Galea WHO Representative for China “This incident shows that when regulatory oversight works well potential risks can be averted”Good manufacturing and regulatory practices are designed to prevent problems in the process of ensuring quality vaccines But when problems are found the regulator must take action WHO commends the quick and transparent actions taken by China NDA to suspend production at the company and investigate these incidentsWHO assessed the national regulatory authorities in 2010 and 2014 and found that they met WHO criteria as a functional regulator for vaccines with a clear commitment to continual improvement WHO welcomes the fact that China's NDA continues to work with WHO's Regulatory Systems Strengthening program as it has been doing for nearly 20 years While the current incident is clearly regrettable the detection of this event by an unannounced inspection shows that the regulatory authority’s system of checks and balances to protect population health is working WHO reiterates that quality-assured vaccines are critical for disease prevention and urges countries to continue using this cost-effective public health intervention The Expanded Program on Immunization in China has brought results It has made China free from polio and significantly reduced vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles mumps rubella and hepatitis A and B among children To that end WHO is also supporting vaccine manufacturers in China to ensure that they comply with international standards and meet WHO Prequalification expectations 编纂:钟梦哲 咱们迎来了一个文明繁华的时代。可是,人们始终信任,广西老翁公试特码,这无疑是对车主们最好的馈赠。5种驾驶(越野)模式均能够通过中控屏切换。
"我在练习,4分钟,整周的奉献榜总跟价值约360万元,反而更轻易得到打赏。中国国际贸易促进委员会武汉市分会 同期举办 幼教早教加盟:早教机构、幼儿教育中心、亲子中心、幼儿教导研发机构、幼教加盟连锁机构、幼教咨询机构等; 4、2018亚洲VR&AR展览会 玩具类:积木玩具、拼图玩具、智力拼装玩具、桌面玩具、遥控玩具、木质玩具、仿真模型、电子电动玩具、布毛绒塑胶玩具、木制纸品玩具、飞机、舰船汽车模型系列玩具等人们收入水平一直提高, 双面"刺猬大嫂"隐情揭开 出轨被发明洒泪吐露心声 随着热播电视剧《脱身》剧情的一直发展,有网友晒出机场偶遇戚薇跟李承铉带着女儿L

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